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Official U.S. Distributor for Rosenthal, Sambonet, Thomas, and Versace.

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Contemporary , German , porcelain , dinnerware , accessories , giftware

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July 19

Cucina Black by Arzberg is perfect for people who love a casual yet high quality look!
July 19

Madame serve ware is designed to compliment your home decor with an array of unique shapes, colors and finishes!

Tags: Sambonet, MadeinItaly, Serveware, Bowls, Trays, SpecialFinish, PVD, ResinBase, Detail, Quality, $RSL-55395UC1, $RSL-55309UA1...

Brand: Sambonet

Shared: July 19, 2019
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Shared by Rachel Moogan

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July 19

Medusa Grande vases are available in two sizes and four colors: glazed white, black, silver and gold
May 30

Junto Aquamarine combines lightness and pleasant freshness. It makes the dining table a place of well-bring and joie de vivre!

Tags: Rosenthal, TasteYourLife, Colors, Stoneware, Detail, Quality

Brand: Rosenthal

Shared: May 30, 2019
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Shared by Rachel Moogan

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May 10

Mariela Schwartz Montiel has created the Pépites collection to present and serve the most refined delicacies!

Available in 3 pieces: Rock, Diamond & Stone
May 1

Gypsy: Fine porcelain boxes with Medusa-shaped lids. Perfect to keep your small possessions safe in Versace style!
April 24

TAC Stripes is composed of fine lines, mixed and matched with matte and shiny surfaces, metallic shimmering sections & red glass to create a contemporary decor on the classic TAC

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